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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Lakshmi Sahasranama Stotram

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated By P.R.Ramachander

This stotra is from the Skanda Purana where it is being documented as being taught by Sage Sanath Kumara to a set of 12 sages. Here, it also states that Goddess Lakshmi states that even if this stotra is chanted without belief, she would stay for ever in their clan.

Another Maha Lakshmi Sahasranamam occurs in Brahma Purana in the chapter of description of Kashmir in the chapter on Hiranya Garbha Hrudaya.

One thousand thirty three names are mentioned in the source of this translation, though in the text of the sahasra nama it is mentioned that the names are 1,008 names. Some obvious replications have been merged. Another peculiarity of this publication is that a few prayers to Goddess Lakshmi have been added in the middle of the sahasranamam and have also been included in the Namavali.

Namnaam ashta sahasram cha broohi Gargya, Mahamathe,
Mahalakshmyaa Maha devyaa bhukthi mukthyartha sidhaye

Oh great sage Gargya please tell that the one thousand eight names,
Of Goddess Mahalakshmi would lead to enjoyment, wealth and salvation.

Sanathkumara massenam dwadasahithya sannibham,
Apruchan Yogino bhkthyaa yogi nama artha sidhaye.

Addressing Sanathkumara equal in shine to the twelve suns,
As per the request of the twelve sages, sage Garga asked.

Gargya uvacha[edit]

Sarva loukeeka karmebhyo vimukthaanaam hithaaya vai,
Bhukthi mukthi pradhamjaya manu broohi dhayanidhe.

Oh treasure of mercy tell those names that lead enjoyment and salvation,
Which would lead to the good of those who do not do bad deeds,
And are not attached to those results of the deeds that they do.

Sanathkumara, Bhagawan, Sarvagno asi viseshatha,
Asthikya sidhaye nrunaam kshipradharmartha sadhanam.

Oh Sanathkumara, Oh God, you have great specialized knowledge,
Tell me the way for humans to get devotion and,
Also their speedily getting Dharma,Artha(Money), Kama(desires) and Moksha(Salvation).

Khidhyanthi manava sarve dhana bhaavena kevalam,
Sidhyanthi dhanino anyasya naiva Dharmatha Kamana.

Humans are mainly suffering due to the scarcity of wealth,
For they can never attain Dharma and wealth without money.

Daridhrya dwamsini nama kena vidhyaa prakeerthithaa,
Kena vaa Brhama vidhyapi kena mruthyu vinasini.

Who is being sung about as one who removes poverty?
Please tell about her who is called knowledge,
Knowledge of the ultimate and one who destroys death.

Sarvaasaam saara bhoothaikaa vidhyaanaam kerrthithaa,
Prathyaksha sidhidhaa Brahman, Thamachakshwa Dhayanidhe.

Oh Brahman, please tell us about her who is the essence of all knowledge,
And who gives results of all action done instantaneously.

Sanathkumara Uvacha[edit]

Sadhu prushtam Maha Bhagaa, sarva loka hithoushinaa,
Mahathaamesha dharmascha nanthyeshamithi may mathi.

Oh great one, you have well asked for the benefit of all the world,
I feel that such a thought will occur only to great ones and not to others.

Brahma Vishnu Mahadeva, mahendradhi mahathmabhi,
Samproktham kadhayamyadhya Lakshmi nama sahasrakam.

I am telling you the thousand names of Goddess Lakshmi,
Which has been praised by Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and alo Indra,

Yathyocharana mathrena daridryoth muchyathe nara.
Kim punastha japajjapi sarveshta arthanavapnuyath.

Human being escapes by telling only its name,
And is it necessary to tell that he would great wealth,
If the entire thing is chanted with devotion.


Asya Sri Mahalakshmi divya sahasra nama stotra maha manthrasya
Ananda kardhamachikleethendraa sthaadhayo Mahathmano maharshaya,
Anushtup chanda, Vishnu maya Shakthi, Maha Lakshmi Para devathaa,
Sri Maha Lakshmi prasada dwara sarveshtarthas sidhyrathe jape viniyoga

For the great chant of one thousand names of Mahalakshmi the sages are Ananda, Kardhama, sons of Chikleendra, the meter is Anushtup, The power behind is Vishnu Maya the goddess addreesed is the divine Mahalakshmi and this is being chanted to get the grace of Mahalakshmi for fulfillment of wishes and getting g of all wealth.


Padma nabha priyam devim Padmakshim m Padma vasinim,
Padmavakthram, Padma hasthaam Vande Padma maharnisam.

I salute day and night the goddess who is darling of Padmanabha,
Who has lotus like eyes, who lives in lotus,
Who has a pretty face like a fully open lotus and who holds a lotus.

Poornendu vadanam, divya rathnabharana bhooshithaam,
Varada abhaya hasthaadyam dyayeth chandra sahodharim.

I meditate on the sister of the moon, who has a face like a full moon,
Who wears divine gem studded ornaments and who shows,
Blessing and protection by her two hands.

Icharoopam bhagwatha sachidananda roopinim,
Sarvagnaam sarva jananim Vishnu vaksha sthalalayam,
Dayalumanisam dhyayeth suka sidha swaroopinim.

I always meditate that Goddess who has the form of pleasure and salvation,
Who takes that form which is dear to the God, Who is the form of divine joy,
Who knows everything, who is the mother of all,
Who lives on the chest of Lord Vishnu and who is very merciful.


All names below are to be prefixed with “Om” and suffixed with nama

1 Nithyagatha She who keeps on traveling
2 Anantha nithya She who is endless and is forever
3 Nandini She who makes others happy/ She who was the daughter of Nandagopa
4 Jana ranjini She who makes people happy
5 Nithya Prakasini She who shines permanently
6 Swaprakasa swaroopini She who is naturally shining
7 MahaLakshmi She who is the great Lakshmi
8 Mahakali She who is the great Kali/She who is black in colour
9 Mahakanyaa She who is the great virgin
10 Saraswathi She who is Goddess Saraswathi
11 Bhoga vaibhava sandhathri She who gives pleasure and wealth
12 Bhkthanugraha karini She who blesses her devotees
13 Easavasya She who is everywhere
14 Mahamaya She who is the great enchantress
15 Mahadevi She who is the great goddess
16 Maheswari She who is the wife of great Shiva
17 Hrullekha She who is in letter Hreem
18 Paramaa She who is the greatest
19 Shakthi She who is the power
20 Mathruka bheeja roopini She who is model root letter
21 Nithayananda She who is forever happy
22 Nithyabhodha She who has permanent wisdom
23 Naadini She who makes musical note
24 Janamodhini She who entertains people
25 Sathya prathyayani She who believes in truth/She who is truth
26 Swaprakasathma roopini She who by herself has a shining form
27 Tripura She who is the wife of Shiva who destroyed the three cities
28 Bhairavi She who has a fearful form
29 Vidhyaa She who is knowledge
30 Hamsaa She who is the “Hamsa” chant
31 Vagheswari She who is the goddess of words
32 Shivaa She who is the consort of Lord Shiva
33 Vagdevi She who is the goddess of words
34 Maharathri She who is the night before the deluge
35 Kalarathri She who is the night before death
36 Trilochana She who has three eyes
37 Bhadrakali She who is the Kali who protects
38 Karali She who is fearsome
39 Mahakali She who swallows time
40 Thilothama She whose every atom is pretty
41 Kali She who is black
42 Karalavakthrantha She who has a horrifying mouth
43 Kamakshi She who fulfills desires by her eyes
44 Kamadha She who fulfills desires
45 Shubhaa She who is auspicious
46 Chandika She who has great anger/She who killed Mahishasura
47 Chanda roopesa She who has a fearsome form
48 Chamunda She who killed Chanda and Munda
49 Chakradharini She who is armed with a wheel
50 Trilokya jayini She who has won over the three worlds
51 Devi She who is the Goddess/She who makes things move
52 Trilokya vijayothama She who is the first among those who won over the three worlds
53 Sidhalakshmi She who grants occult powers
54 Kriyalakshmi She who is behind all actions
55 Moksha lakshmi She who is the Lakshmi giving salvation
56 Prasadini She becomes pleased with devotees
57 Uma She who is the daughter of Himavan
58 Bhagwathi She who is the goddess with all types of wealth
59 Durgaa She who killed Durgamasura
60 Chaandri She who shines like the moon
61 Dakshayani She who is the daughter of Daksha
62 Shivaa She who is extremely peaceful
63 Prathyangira She who took the form of the fearsome Atharvana Bhadrakali
64 Dharaa She who carries/earth
65 Velaa She who is in the edge of time
66 Lokamatha She who is the mother of the world
67 Haripriya She who is loved by Vishnu
68 Parvathi She who is the daughter of the mountain
69 Paramaa She who is the first among everything
70 Devi She who is the Goddess
71 Brahmavidhyaapradhayini She who grants knowledge of God
72 Aroopa She who does not have any form
73 Baheeroopa She who has several forms
74 Viroopaa She who has a horrible form of Durga
75 Viswaroopini She whose form is the universe
76 Panchabhoothathmika She who is the soul of the five elements
77 Vani She who plays Veena
78 Panchabhoothathmika She who exists in all souls as the five elements
79 Paraa She who is above the five elements
80 Kalimaa She who is the goddess of time
81 Panjikaa She who is the world spread through the five elements
82 Vagmi She who controls words
83 Havi She who is cooked rice and ghee to be offered in the fire
84 Prthyadhidevatha She makes the mind and body work as its Goddess
85 Devamatha She who is the mother of devas
86 Suresana The Goddess of the devas
87 Vedagarbha She who is the origin of devas
88 Ambika She who is the mother
89 Dhruthi She who is the courage
90 Sankhya She who is the numbers
91 Jaathi She who lives as all castes and creeds
92 Kriya Shathi She who is the power behind action
93 Prakruthi She who is the nature
94 Mohini She who bewitches
95 Mahi She who is the earth
96 Yagna vidhya She who is the science of Yaga
97 Mahavidhya She who is the greatest knowledge
98 Guhya Vidhya She who is the secret knowledge
99 Vibhavari She who drives away darkness/ignorance
100 Jyothishmathi She who possesses light
101 Mahamatha She who is the great mother
102 Sarva manthra phalapradha She who makes all mantras yield results
103 Daridhrya dwamsini She who destroys poverty
104 Devi She who is the Goddess
105 Hrudhya grandhi bedhini She who breaks the knot of heart
106 Sahasradhithya sangasa She who is like one thousand suns
107 Chandika She who is like the light of moon
108 Chandra roopini She who has the form of moon
109 Gayathri She who is Gayathri mantra
110 Soma sambhoothi She who wears the crescent
111 Savithri She who gave birth to Vedas
112 Pranavathmika She who is the soul of Pranava
113 Saankari She who is the consort of Shiva
114 Vaishnavi She who is the consort of Vishnu
115 Brahmi She who is the aspect of Brahma
116 Sarva deva namaskrutha She who is saluted by all devas
117 Sevyadurga She who is Durga who should be saluted
118 Kubherakshi She who by her mere glance can make a man rich
119 Karaveera nivasini She who lives in Nerium Oleander (Arali in tamil) flowers
120 Jayaa She who is victorious
121 Vijayaa She who is ever victorious
122 Jayanthi She who always wins everywhere
123 Aparajitha She who cannot be defeated
124 Kubhjika She who is a eight year old girl/who is curled up and sleeping
125 Kalika She who is in the form of Kali
126 Sasthri She who rules over knowledge
127 Veenapusthaka dharini She who carried a book and a Veena
128 Sarvagna shakthi She is the power behind Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
129 Sri Shakthi The power of wisdom
130 Brahma Vishnu Shivathmika She who takes the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
131 Ida pingalika madhyaa mrunaalithanthu roolpini She who goes in between Ida and O{ingala and reaches the Sahasrara
132 Yajnesani She who rules over Yagnas(Fire sacrifice)
133 Pradhaa She who is famous
134 Deekhaa She who gives you license to do Yagna
135 Dakshinaa She who is an expert
136 Sarva Mohini She who is prettier than all
137 Ashtanga yogini She who can be seen by eight fold yoga
138 Devi She who is the Goddess
139 Nirbheeja dhyana gocharaa He who is visible to those who meditate using yoga
140 Sarva theertha sthithaa She who is in all sacred waters
141 Shuddha She who is pure
142 Sarva parvatha vasini She who lives on all mountains
143 Veda Sashthra prabha She who throws light on Vedas and Sasthras
144 Devi Goddess
145 Shadangadhi pada krama She who codifies the six branches of Vedas-Siksha, Chandas, niruktha, Jyothisha, Vyakarana and Kalpa
146 Shivaa She who is auspicious
147 Dhathri She who gives/mother
148 Shubhanandha She who is auspiciously happy
149 Yagnakarma swaroopini She who is the form of carrying out of fire sacrifices
150 Vrathini She who does penance
151 Menaka She who is the daughter of Mena
152 Devi She who is the Goddess
153 Brahmani She who is the power of Brahma
154 Brahmacharini She who meditates on Brahmam
155 Yekasharapara She likes Om
156 Tharaa She who helps to cross the sea of misery
157 Bhava banda vinasini She who destroys attachment to domestic life
158 Viswambhara She who supports the universe/she who wears the universe
159 Dharaa She who supports the earth
160 Niradhara She who does not have any support
161 Adhikaswaraa She who is beyond description
162 Rakaa She who is like the full moon
163 Kuhoo She who is the goddess of new moon day
164 Amavasya She who is the new moon day
165 Poornima She who is the new moon day
166 Anumathi She who is one day previous to full n day/She who permits
167 Dhruthi She who is the form of light
168 Sinivali She who is one day previous to new moon day
169 Shivaa She who is the consort of Shiva
170 Vasyaa She who attracts
171 Vaiswadevi She who is the form of Viswa devas
172 Pisangilaa She who has a very soft body
173 Pippalaa She who is the form of Banyan tree
174 Visalakshi She who has a broad eyes
175 Rakshogni She who is the fire that protects/kills Rakshasas
176 Vrushti karini She who is the reason of rain
177 Dushta vidhravini She who drives away bad people
178 Devi She who is the Goddess
179 Sarvopadrava nasini She who destroys all type of troubles
180 Saradhaa She who gives wisdom
181 Sarasandhaana She who is the power of sending arrows using the bow
182 Sarva Sasthra swaroopini She who is the form of all weapons
183 Yudha madhya sthitha She who is in the middle of the battle
184 Devi She who is the Goddess
185 Sarva Bhootha bhanjani She who destroys all evil spirits
186 Ayddha She who does mot participate in a war
187 Yudharoopa She who is the form of battle
188 Santha She who is peaceful
189 Santhi swaroopini She who is personification of peace
190 Ganga She who is in the form of Ganges
191 Saraswathi She who is the form of Saraswathi
192 Veni She who is the braid
193 Yamuna She who is the river Yamuna
194 Narmadha She who is the river Narmadha
195 Aapaga She who was once a river
196 Samudhravasanaa vasaa She who lives in between the seas
197 Brahmanda sreni mekhala She who wears the universe as hip belt
198 Panchavakthra She who has five faces
199 Dasa bhujaa She who has ten hands
200 Shuddha sphatika sannibha She who is like a clear crystal
201 Rakthaa She who is of blood red colour
202 Krushnaa She who is of black colour
203 Sithaa She who is of white colour
204 Peetha She who is of yellow colour
205 Sarva varnaa She who is of all colours
206 Nireeswari She who does not have any other goddess
207 Chakrikaa She who is in Sri Chakra
208 Kalikaa She who is Kali
209 Devi She who is the Goddess
210 Sathyaa She who is truth
211 Badukaa She who is always a lass
212 Sthithaa She who is stable
213 Tharuni She who is a lass
214 Vaaruni She who is the power of Varuna
215 Naree She who is a woman
216 Jyeshta She who is elder
217 Devi She who is Devi
218 Sureswari She who is the goddess of devas
219 Viswambara She who wears the universe as cloth
220 Dharaa She who carries/earth
221 Karthree She who is the doer
222 Galargala Vibhanjini She who breaks problems/She who stopped the flow of poison in to Shiva
223 Sandhyaa She who is of dusky colour/She who is dawn, dusk and noon
224 Rathri She who is night
225 Divaa She who is day time
226 Jyothsnaa She who is the night lit by full moon
227 Kalaa She who is the crescent
228 Kashtaa She who is the limit/She who is quarter of the world
229 Nimeshikaa She who does everything in a Nimisha(time between opening and closing of eye)
230 Urvee She who is in the form of earth
231 Kathyayani She who is the daughter of sage Kathyayana
232 Shubra She who is white and clean
233 Sasarnavatharini She who makes us cross the forest of domestic life
234 Kapilaa She who is of reddish colour/wife of sage Kapila
235 Keelikaa She who is the axis of everything
236 Asoka She who is never sad
237 Mallika She who is jasmine flower
238 Navamalika She who wears garland of fresh flowers
239 Devika She who is the goddess with a form of a child
240 Nandika She who is the daughter/She who makes us happy
241 Shantha She who is patient
242 Bhanjika She who breaks
243 Bhayabhanjika She who breaks fear
244 Koushiki She who came out of the hair of Parvathi
245 Vaidhiki She who is Vedic in form
246 Devi She who is the Goddess
247 Souri She who is the power of Sun
248 Roopadhika She who transcends the form
249 Athibhaa She who has relatively more light
250 Digvasthra She who wears the directions as cloth
251 Navavasthra She who wears new cloths
252 Kanyaka She who is an unmarried girl
253 Kamladhbhava She who was born out of lotus
254 Sree She who is goddess Lakshmi
255 Soumyalakshana She who has calm look
256 Atheetha durga She who is unapproachable in the fort
257 Soothra prabodhika She who teaches Vedic Suthras
258 Sradha She who is attentive
259 Medha She who is the intelligence
260 Kruthi She who is the composition
261 Pragna She who is the conscience
262 Dharana She who is understanding
263 Kanthi She who is the light
264 Sruthi, Smruthi, druthir Dhanya She who is blessed with knowledge of Sruthi, Smruthi and bravery
265 Bhoothi She who is the cause of all wealth
266 Ishtee She who is the fire sacrifice
267 Maneeshini She who gives wisdom
268 Virakthi She who is detached
269 Vyapini She who is spread everywhere
270 Mayaa She who is illusion
271 Sarva maya prabhanjani She who breaks all illusion
272 Mahendri She who is greater than Indra
273 Manthrini She who is the minister/She who is the goddess of all chants
274 Simhi She who assumes the form of a lion/She who is as brave as a lion
275 Indra jala swaroolpini She who is the personification of magic
276 Avastha thraya nirmuktha She who is not subject to three activities of waking, sleep and dream
277 Guna thraya vivarjitha She who is beyond three qualities of Sathwa,Rajas and Thamas
278 Eeshanathraya nirmuktha She who does not have the three desires of sons, wealth and heaven
279 Sarva roga vivarjitha She who cures all diseases
280 Yogi dhyanantha gamya She who can be attained at the end of yoga
281 Yogadhyana parayana She who is the aim at the end of yoga
282 Thrayee Shikhaa viseshakgna She who is an expert in three Vedas
283 Vedantha Jnana roopini She who is the form of the experts in Vedantha
284 Bharathi She who gives form of letter and words to knowledge
285 Kamala She who is as pretty as a lotus
286 Bhasha She who is the language
287 Padma She who was born out of a lotus
288 Padmavathi She who sits on a lotus
289 Kruthi She who is the result of action/She who is action
290 Gowthami She who was born as a daughter of sage Gowthama
291 Gomathi She who is the river Gomathi
292 Gowri She who is white/She who is Goddess Parvathi
293 Ishaanaa She who is consort of Ishwara
294 Hamsavahini She who rides on a swan
295 Narayani She who is the refuge of humans/She who is the power of Narayana
296 Prabhadhara She who is the continuous shower of light
297 Jahnavi She who is the daughter of sage Jahnu
298 Shakarathmaja She who has Shiva as son
299 hithraghanta She who has picturesque neck
300 Sunanda She who is with happiness
301 Sri She who gives all type of wealth
302 Manavi She who is daughter of Manu
303 Manusambhava She who was born to Manu
304 Sthambhini She who is very stable
305 Kshobhini She who makes the mind of others shake/ She who gets very angry
306 Maari She who kills asuras
307 Bhramini She who makes the world rotate
308 Shathrumarini She who is the killer of her enemies
309 Mohini She who bewitches
310 Dweshini She who is the power behind hating
311 Veera She who has valour
312 Aghoraa She who is not horrible
313 Rudhra roopini She who has an angry form
314 Rudraikadasini She who is in the form of eleven Rudras
315 Punyaa She who appreciates good deeds
316 Kalyani She who is auspicious
317 Lanhakarini She who causes profit
318 Devadurga The Durga in the state of wakefulness
319 Maha Durga The Durga who is sleeping
320 Swapnadurga The Durga who is in the dream state
321 Ashtabhairavi She who is the eight Bhairavis
322 Suryachadragni roopa She who has sun, moon and fire as eyes
323 Grahanakshatra roopini She who is the form of stars and planets
324 Bindu nadha kalathhetha She who is in the form of Bindu(dot) and Nadha (sound)
325 Bindu nadha kalathmika She who is the of dot, sound and crescent
326 Dasa vayu jyaakaraa She who wins as the 10 vayus
327 Kala Shodasa samyutha She who is with 16 crescents of the moon
328 Kasyapi She who is the daughter of sage Kasyapa
329 Kamala Devi The Goddess of lotus
330 Nadha Chakra nivasini She who lives in Srichakra as well as in sound
331 Mrudaadhaara She who is the foundation for Lord Shiva
332 Sthiraa She who is permanent
333 Guhya She who is secret
334 Deikaa She who is like the Goddess
335 hakra roopini She who is the form of Sri Chakra
336 Avidhyaa She who is the power behind ignorance
337 Sarvaree She who is the form of night
338 Bhunjaa She who has undergone all pleasures
339 Jambasura nibharhini She who killed Jambhasura in the form of Indra
340 Srikaayaa She who was born as wealth
341 Srikalaa She who knows auspicious art forms
342 Shubraa She who is neat
343 Karma nir moola karini She who completely destroys attachment to action/destroys all accumulated sins
344 Aadhilakshmi She who is the primeval Lakshmi
345 Gunaadharaa She who is the stream of good qualities/She who is the basis for Sathwa, Rajas and Thamo Gunas
346 Panchabrahmathmika She who has the five Gods Brahma, Vishnu, Easwara, Sadashiva and Rudra within herself
347 Paraa She who is above everything
348 Sruthi She who is the Vedas
349 Brahma mukhaa vasaa She who is Saraswathi who lives in the face of Brahma
350 Sarva sampathi roopini She who is the form of all wealth
351 Mruth sanjeevini She who makes the dead alive
352 Maithree She who has friendship
353 Kamini She who has passion
354 Kamavarjitha She who is detached from passion
355 Nirvana margadha devi She who shows the way to salvation
356 Hamsini She who is in the state of Hamsa
357 Kashikaa She who is luminous
358 Kshama She who is patience
359 Saparya She who is fit to be worshipped
360 Gunini She who is the treasure of good qualities
361 Bhinna She who is different
362 Nirgunaa She who is devoid of any characteristics
363 Akhaditha She who has not been split
364 Shubha She who is auspicious
365 Swamini She who is the master
366 Vedhini She who should be understood
367 Shakya She who can be understood
368 Shaambhari She who is the great illusion
369 Chakra Dharini She who holds the wheel
370 Dandini She who punishes
371 Mundini She who wears garland of cut heads
372 Vyagri She who is the tigress
373 Shikiny She who is the peahen
374 Somasamhathi She who is the sister of moon
375 Chinthamani She who gives all that is thought off
376 Chidanandha She who is in the state of divine joy
377 Panchabana prabodhini She who makes God of love with five flower arrows work
378 Bana sreni She who has a sequence of arrows
379 Sahasthrakshi She who has thousand eyes
380 Sahasra bhujja Paduka She who has thousand hands and legs
381 Sandhyavalee She who has three folds on her hip joint
382 Trisandhyakhya She who makes dawn, non and dusk/She who is to be sung in dawn, noon and dusk
383 Bramanda mani bhooshana She who is the ornament for the universe
384 Vasavi She who is the power of Indra
385 Dhaaruni sena She who has a dreadful army
386 Kulika She who belongs to a good lineage
387 Manthra ranjani She who becomes happy with prayers(mantras)
388 Jitha prana swaroopa She who has the form which has won the soul
389 Kanthaa She who is liked by every one
390 Kamya vara pradha She who grants desired boons
391 Manthra Brahmana Vidhyartha She who would like to know the Brahma mantra
392 Nadha roopa She who is the form of sound
393 Havishmathi She who offers offerings in fire
394 Adharvani sruthi She who is Atharvana Veda
395 Soonyaa She who is without beginning or end
396 Kalpana varjitha She who does not have any expectation
397 Sathi She who is Sathi the daughter of Daksha
398 Sathaa Jathi She who belongs to a noble family
399 Pramaa She who can estimate devotees through her intelligence
400 Ameyaa She who does not have any boundaries
401 Pramithi She who could be known by axioms of Vedas
402 Pranadhaa She who gives life
403 Gathi She who is the destination
404 Avarnaa She who does not have colours
405 Panchavarnaa She who is described by the five letters Namashivaya, She who has five colours
406 Sarvadhaa She who gives everything always
407 Bhuvaneswari She who is the goddess of the universe
408 Trilokyamohini She who bewitches the three worlds
409 Vidhyaa She who is knowledge
410 Sarva bharthree She who administers every one
411 Ksharaa She who has a form that can be destroyed
412 Aksharaa She who cannot be destroyed
413 Hiranyavarnaa She who is of the colour of Gold
414 Harini She who is like a doe/She who destroys sorrows
415 Sarvopadrava nasini She who destroys all painful problems
416 Kaivalya padavi rekha She who is the way to attain salvation
417 Soorya mandala samsthithaa She who is in the solar system
418 Soma Mandala Madhyastha She who is in the middle of moon
419 Vahni mandala samsthithaa She who stays in between fire/She who stays in Mooladhara
420 Vayu mandala madhyastha She who is in the midst of wind
421 Vyoma mandala samsthithaa She who stays in the sky
422 Chakrikaa She who has the divine wheel
423 Chakra madhyastha She who is in the middle of Sri Chakra
424 Chakra marga pravarthini She who travels in the path of wheels of the body
425 Kokilaa kula chakresa Who is the king of the universe of Koels
426 Pakshathi The beginning of the phases of moon
427 Pankthipaavani She who purifies the world
428 Sarva sidhantha margastha She who is the way to all knowledge
429 Shad varna She who has six colours
430 Varavarjitha She who does not need any boons
431 Sara rudhra haraa She who cures pain caused by arrows
432 Hanthri She who kills
433 Sarva samhara karini She who is the cause of all destruction
434 Purushaa She who is ancient
435 Pourushee She who is complete/masculine
436 Thushti She who is satisfaction
437 Sarva thanthra prasoothikaa She who gave birth to all Thanthras
438 Ardha nareeswari She who has occupied left side of Shiva
439 Devi She who is the Goddess
440 Sarva Vidhyaa pradahyani She gives all types of knowledge
441 Bhargavi She who is daughter of sage Bhrugu
442 Bhoojhooshi vidhyaa She who is the knowledge that protects the earth
443 Sarvopanishadhaa sthithaa She who is in all Upanishads
444 Vyomakesa She who has sky as hair
445 Akhila praana She who is the soul of all beings
446 Pancha kosa vilakshanaa She who is not affected by the five kosas like Annamaya kosa
447 Panchakosathmika She who lives in the five kosas of the body
448 Prathyak She who can be seen inside
449 Pancha Brahmathmika She who is the form of the five Brahmas
450 Shivaa She who is the consort of Lord Shiva
451 Jagajjara janithri She who creates the world when it is affected by old age/The old mother of the universe
452 Pancha karma prasoothika She who gave birth to five type of actions viz Creation, upkeep, merging, disappearance and blessing
453 Vagdevi The goddess of words
454 Aabharanakaara She who wears ornaments
455 Sarva kamya sthitha She who is in all desires
456 Sthithi She who is stable
457 Ashta dasa chathu Sashti peetikaa She who has 18 or 64 peetas
458 Vidhyayuthaa She who is with knowledge
459 Kaalika She who is Kali
460 Aakarshani She who attracts
461 Shyama She who is black
462 Yakshini She who is a Yaksha woman
463 Kinnareswari She who is the goddess of Kinnaras(People with human body and head of a horse)
464 Kethaki She who likes screw pine(Thazham poo in Tamil) flower
465 Mallika She who likes jasmine flowers
466 Asoka She who does not have sorrow
467 Varahi She who is the power of boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu
468 Dharani She who is earth
469 Dhruvaa She who is very stable
470 Narasimhi She who is the power of man lion incarnation of Lord Vishnu
471 Mahograsa She who swallows great quantities
472 Bhaktha namarthi nasini She who destroys the sorrows of devotees
473 Antharbalaa She who is mentally strong
474 Sthiraa She who is permanent
475 Lakshmi She who has all the good qualities
476 Jara marana nasini She who prevents old age and death
477 Sri Ranjitha She who shines because of wealth
478 Maha maya She who is the great illusion
479 Soma suryagni lochana She who has moon, sun and fire as eyes
480 Adhithi She who is Adithi-the mother of all devas
481 Deva matha She who is the mother of devas
482 Ashtaputhaa She who is Devaki with eight sons
483 Ashtayogini She who is an expert in eight yogas viz Yama, Niyama, aasana,pranayama, prathyahara, dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi
484 Ashta prakruthi She who has eight types of nature[1]
485 Ashtashta vibhrajadwikrutha krithi She who shines in all 64 arts
486 Durbhiksha dwamsini She who is destroyer of scarcity
487 Devi She who is the Goddess
488 Sitha She who is Sita, wife of Lord Rama
489 Sathya She who is the truth/Sathya who is one of the wives of Lord Krishna
490 Rukmini She who is Rukmini, the wife of Lord Krishna
491 Khyadhija She who was born with fame
492 Bhargavi She who is the daughter of Bhrigu
493 Devi She who is the Goddess
494 Devayoni She who gave birth to all devas
495 Thapawini She who does penance
496 Sakambari She who is an incarnation who produced several vegetables from her body and sustained the world
497 Mahasonaa She who is dark red
498 Garudopari samsthithaa She who sits on the Garuda
499 Simhaga She who sits on the lion
500 Vyagraga She who sis on a tiger
501 Devi She who is the Goddess
502 Vayuga She who makes wind move
503 Mahadriga She who sits on a big mountain
504 Akaradhi kshakarantha She who is alphabets from Aa to ksha
505 Sarva vidhyadhi devatha She who is the goddess of all learning
506 Mantha vyakhyana nipuna She who is an expert in explaining Mantras
507 Jyothi sasthraika lochana She who makes us see the science of astronomy
508 Ida pingalika madhyaa sushumnaa grandhi swaroopini She who is the Sushumna nadi which is in between Ida and Pingala Nadis
509 Kala chakra srayopetha She makes the wheel of time work
510 Kalachakra swaroopini She who is the wheel of time
511 Vaisaradhi She who is expert in every knowledge
512 Mathi sreshta She who is the most intelligent
513 Varishtaa She who is the best
514 Sarva dheepika She who is the light to every one
515 Vainayaki She who is the power of Lord Ganesa
516 Vararoha She who is the ultimate refuge
517 Srenivelaa She who is surrounded by Vedas
518 Bahirbali She who gives strength to the body
519 Jam bini She who is very proud of her beauty
520 Jrumbini She who is spread all over the world
521 Jamba Karini She who is the cause of opening of flower
522 Ganakarika She who was responsible for making Ganesa
523 Sharini She who has arrows
524 Chakrikaa She who has the divine wheel
525 Anantha She who does not have an end
526 Sarva vyadhi chikithsaki She who treats all diseases
527 Devaki She who is the mother of Krishna
528 Deva sankaasa She who is like the devas
529 Vaaridhi She who is the ocean
530 Karunaakaara She who is the form of mercy
531 Sarvaree She who removes darkness(ignorance) from people
532 Sarva Sampanna She who has every sort of wealth
533 Sarva papa prabhanjani She who breaks all sort of sins
534 Yeka mathraa She who is one syllable-Om(waking up state)
535 Dwimathra She who is two “om”s, one after another(dream state)
536 Trimathra She who is three syllables-Sleep state
538 Aparaa She who is outside there-Thureeyaa state
539 Ardha mathraa She who is half syllable-Anuswara
540 Paraa She who is great
541 Sookshmaa She who has micro form
542 Sookshmaardhadha She who is micro in micro
543 Aparaa She who is incomparable
544 Yeka veeraa She who is alone valorous
545 Viseshakhyaa She who has a special activity
546 Shashtee She who is Mahalakshmi with six forms
547 Devi She who is the Goddess
548 Manaswini She who is in the mind of every one
549 Naiskarmya She who does not do any action
550 Nishkalaa lokaa She who cannot be found fault by people
551 Jnana karmadhikaa She who can be realized by Jnana
552 Gunaa She who has all characters
553 Sabandhwananda sandhohaa She who gives happiness to people and stays with them
554 Vyomaakaaraa She who is in the form of sky
555 Aniroopithaa She whose form cannot be described
556 Gadhya padhyathmikaa She who is the soul of prose and poem
557 Vani She who is Saraswathi
558 Sarvalangara samyuktha She who is well made up with all ornaments
559 Sadhu bandha pada nyasa She who is with good people and guides them
560 Sarvaika She who is the home of everything
561 Ghatikavali She who measures time
562 Shadkarma She who does six acts viz teaching, learning, sacrificing, requesting, giving and taking
563 Karkasaakaraa She who is like stone towards asuras
564 Sarvakarma vivarjitha She who has no need to do Karmas
565 Aadsithyavarnaa She who is red coloured like the Sun
566 Aparnaa She who did not eat even leaves
567 Kamini She who is the lover
568 Vara roopini She who has the chosen form
569 Brahmaani She who is the power of Lord Brahma
570 Brahma Santhana She whose son is Brahma
571 Vedavagi She who is the goddess of Vedic words/She who is praised by Vedic words
572 Easwari She who is the consort of Ishwara
573 Shivaa She who is the consort of Lord Shiva
574 Purana nyaya memasaa dharma Sathra agama sruthaa She who is described in Puranas, Nyaya, Meemamsa, Dharma Sasthras and Agamas
575 Sadhyoveda vathi She who knows Vedas
576 Sarvaa She who is everywhere
577 Hamsee She who is in the form of a swan/She who rides on a swan
578 Vidhyadhi devatha She who is the goddess of learning
579 Visweswari She who is the Goddess of universe
580 Jagadhatri She who is the mother of universe
581 Viswa nirmana karini She who was the cause of creating the world
582 Vaidheeki She who is in the form of Vedas
583 Vedatroopa She who is personification of Vedas
584 Kalika She who is a form of time
585 Kala roopini She who is the personification of time
586 Narayani She who is the power of Lord Narayana/She who protects men
587 Mahadevi She who is the great Goddess
588 Sarva Thathwa pravarthini She who makes all principles work
589 Hiranya varna roopa She who has a golden coloured form
590 Hiranya pada sambhava She who is the form of Virat Purusha who is the form of 14 worlds
591 Kaivalya padavi She who leads you to one ness with God
592 Punyaa She who is auspicious deeds
593 Kaivalya Jnana lakshithaa She who is known by people who try to become one with God
594 Brahma sampathi roopa She who is the wealth of Brahma
595 Brahma sampathi karini She who is the cause of wealth of Brahma
596 Varuni She who is the power of Varuna
597 Vaarunaradhyaa She who is worshipped by son of Varuna –sage Bhrugu
598 Sarva karma pravarthini She who makes us do all actions
599 Yekakshara para She who is indicated by “om”
600 Ayukthaa She who is in alphabets
601 Sarva daridrya bhanjani She who breaks all types of poverty
602 Pasangusanvithaa She who holds the rope and the goad
603 Divyaa She who is divine
604 Veena vakhyaksha suthra bruth She who holds Veena, book and the rosary
605 Yeka moorthi She who has one form
606 Thrayee murthi She who has three forms of Lakshmi, Parvathi and Saraswathi
607 Madhu kaidabha bhanjini She who killed Madhu and Kaidabha
608 Saankhyaa She who is the goddess of Sankhyaa cult/She who is the form of numerals
609 Sankhyavathi She who is described by numerals/Sankhyaa sasthra
610 Jwalaa She who is the flame
611 Jwalanthi She who shines
612 Kama roopini She who can take any form she likes
613 Jagrathi She who is always awake
614 Sarva sampathi She who is all types of wealth
615 Sushupthaa She who is in deep sleep
616 Sweshta dhayini She who fulfills one’s desires
617 Kapalini She who holds a skull
618 Maha damshtraa She who has big teeth
619 Brukuti kutilalanaa She who has bent and dense eye brows
620 Sarva vaasa She who lives in everything
621 Suvasaa She who lives with good people
622 Bruhathi She who has a macro form
623 Ashtaye She who has eight forms
624 Shakvari She who rides on the bull
625 Chandhogana prathikaasaa She who is merged with the Vedas
626 Kalmashi She who has several colours
627 Karunathmikaa She who is merciful
628 Chakshushmathi She who is the eye sight
629 Mahaghoshaa She who is the chanting of Vedas/She who is the great shouting
630 Gadga charma dharaa She who wears a sword and a shield
631 Asani She who is the Vajrayudha of Indra
632 Shila vaichithrya vidhyothaa She who is the knowledge of Sculpture making
633 Sarvatho Bhadra vasini She who is safe in all places
634 Achinthya lakhshanaa kara She who has unimaginable good properties
635 Suthra bhashya nibhandhanaa She who is in the form of people writing explanations to Vedas
636 Sarva vedartha sampathi She who is the import of all Vedas
637 Sarva sas thratha mathrukaa She who is the model meaning of all Sasthras
638 Aakaradhi kshakarantha nathra varna krutha sthalaa She who is the form of all alphabets from “Aa” to “Ksha”
639 Sarva Lakshmi She who is all forms of Lakshmi
640 Sadananda She who is always happy
641 Sara Vidhyaa She who is the essence of wisdom
642 Sadashivaa She who is always peaceful/She who is the consort of Lord Sadashiva
643 Sarvagnaa She who knows everything
644 Sarva Shakthi She who is all powers
645 Kechari roopa She who is in the form all beings who fly
646 Aachrithaa She who is great
647 Animadhi gunopethaa She who is surrounded by occult powers like Anima
648 Araa She who is divine
649 Kaashtaa She who is at the end
650 Paraa Gathi She who is the divine destination
651 Hamsa yuktha vimanasthaa She who drives a chariot drawn by swans
652 Ham saarooda She who travels on a swan
653 Sashi prabhaa She who shines like moon
654 Bhavani She who gives life to the sea of domestic life/She who wife of Lord Shiva
655 Vasannashakthi She who is in born talents
656 Aakruthisthaa She who can take a form
657 Khilaa She who is all living beings
658 Akhilaa She who is everywhere
659 Thanthra hethu She who is the cause of all 64 thanthras
660 Vichithraangi She who has wonderful limbs
661 Vyoma gangaa vinodhini She who plays in the Akasa Ganga
662 Varshaa She who is rain
663 Varshikaa She who rains mercy on devotees
664 Rik Yajur Sama roopini She who is the form of Rik, Yajur and Sama Vedas
665 Maha Nadhi She who is the great river Ganga
666 Nadhi punyaa She who is the sacred river
667 Aganya punya guna kriyaa She by serving her we will get innumerable blessings
668 Samadhi gatha labhyaa She who can be got by Samadhi
669 Arthaa She who is the meaning
670 Srothavya She who should be heard about
671 Swapriyaa She who likes herself
672 Agrunaa She who does not hate
673 Namakshara paraa She who is above her names
674 Devi She who is Goddess
675 Upa sarga nakhanjitha She who shines with her long nails/She who is in the form of grammar
676 Nipathoru dwayee Jangaa She who has pretty thighs which does not get tired
677 Mathukaa She who is an example
678 Manthra roopini She who is the form of Mantras
679 Aseenaa She who is sitting
680 Sayanaa She who is lying down
681 Thishtanthi She who is standing
682 Dhanaddhikaa She who is stable without movement
683 Lakshya Lakshana yogaadyaa She who is worshipped as a form and without form
684 Thaad roopya ganana kruthi She who has several forms which are different
685 Yeka roopa She who has one form
686 Naika roopaa She who does not have only one form
687 Thasyai She who is you
688 Sendhu roopa She who has the form of moon
689 Thadha kruthi She who is in that form/God’s form
690 Samasa thadvidhaakara She who has the form of the world that is pointed to
691 Vibhakthi vachanathmikaa She who is in a grammatical sentence
692 Swahakaraa She who is in the form of Swahaa who is the wife of Fire
693 Swadhakara She who in the form of offering to the manes
694 Sri pathyardhanga nandhini She occupies half the body of Lord Vishnu as Srivathsa
695 Gambheera She who is serious
696 Gahanaa She who is deep
697 Guhyaa She who is secretive
698 Yoni lingardha dharini She who has half male and half female organ as Ardha nareeswari
699 Sesha Vasuki samsevyaa She who is served by Adhi Sesha and Vasuki
700 Chapalaa She who does stay permanently in one place
701 Varavarninee She who belongs to the blessed category
702 Karunyakara sampathi She who has wealth of mercy
703 Keela kruth She who shuts illusion from devotees
704 Manthra keelikaa She who is being worshipped by Mantras
705 Shakthi bheejathmikaa Se who is the soul of seed chants like Iym,Hreem, Sreem
706 Sarva manthreshtaa She who likes all mantras
707 Akshata kaamaanaa She who has desires which never decrease
708 Aagneyi She who is fire
709 Prthivaa She who is earth
710 Aapyaa She who is water
711 Vyavyaa She who is air
712 Vyoma kethanaa She who has sky as flag
713 Sathya jnanathmikaa She whose soul is truth and wisdom
714 Nandaa She who makes one happy
715 Brahmee She who is the power of Brahma
716 Brahma She who is the Brahmam
717 Santhani She who does not have any origin
718 Avidhyaa Vasanaa She who has habit of ignorance
719 Mayaa She who is the illusion
720 Prakruthi She who is the nature
721 Sarva Mohini She who attracts every one
722 Shakthi She who is the power
722 Dhaaranaa shakthi She who is the strength of understanding
723 Chidhachith Shakthi yogini She who is an expert in Yoga with wisdom and ignorance
724 Vakthraaruna She who has a red face
725 Maha a mayaa She who is a great illusion
726 Mareechi She who is hiding
727 Madhamardhini She who kills unnecessary exuberance
728 Viraat She who is the supreme
729 Swaha She who takes the form of Swaha, wife of fire god
730 Swadha She who is the form of Swadha, offering for manes
731 Shudhaa She who is clean
732 Nbiroopasthi She who is fit to be worshipped
734 Subhakthigaa She who likes people with good devotion
735 Nirupithadwayi vidhyaa She who proves knowledge and ignorance
736 Vidhyaa She who is knowledge
737 Nithyaa anithya swaroopini She who is permanent as well as temporary
738 Vairaja marga sanchaaraa She who travels in path of detachment
739 Sarva sathpada pradarsini She who shows the right path
740 Jalandhari She who is ever young/She who keeps the net called illusion
741 Mrudaani The wife of Lord Shiva
742 Bhavani She who is the wife of Lord Shiva
743 Bhava bhanjani She who breaks the misery of birth
744 Trikalika Jnana thanthu She who gives wisdom in al three periods of time
745 Trikala Jnana dhayini She who gives knowledge of the past present and future
746 Nadhtheethaa She who is beyond sound
747 Smruthi She who is Smruthi part of Vedas/She who is memory
748 Pragnaa She who is intuitiveness
749 Dhathri roopa She who has a form carrying the world
750 Tripushkaraa She who looks after body, mind and wisdom/Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva/Rik, Yajur and Sama
751 Parajithaa She who is defeated by devotees
752 Vidhanagnaa She who knows how to arrange for things
753 Visesha gunathmikaa She who has special auspicious qualities
754 Hiranyakesini She who has golden hair
755 Hema brhama suthra vichakshanaa She who knows the golden sacred thread/She who knows the golden book called Brahma Suthra
756 Asankyeya aparardantha swara vuanjanavaikharee She who is birth place of innumerable alphabets, consonants and vowels
757 Madhu jihwa She who has a sweet toungue
758 Madhumathi She who is Madhumathi the seventh step in Yoga/She who has a sweet brain
759 Madhumasodhayaa She who is the beginning of pleasurable months /honey moon
760 Madhoo She who is like honey
761 Madhavi She who is the wife of Madhava
762 Mahaabhaagaa She who has lot of wealth/luck/fame
763 Megha Gambheera niswanaa She whose voice is like thunder
764 Brhama Vishnu Maheswaradhi jnathavyarthaa viseshagaa She who has greatness known to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
765 Nabhou vahni shikhaakaaraa She who keeps fire in her belly
766 Lalate Chandra sannibhaa She who has a crescent like forehead
767 Broo madhye bhaskaraakaaraa She who has sun like light in the middle of her eyebrows
768 Sarva thara kruthirhrudhi She who keeps stars in her heart
769 Kruthikadhi bharanyantha nakshathredyarchithothayaa She who worshipped during all the 27 stars
770 Graha vidhyathmika She who knows all about the planets
771 Jyothi She who is the light of a flame
772 Jyothirvinmathi She who is the place for light
773 Jeevikaa She who helps all beings to lead their life
774 Brahmanda garbhini She who keeps the universe in her womb
775 Balaa She who is a lass
776 Sapthavarana devathaa She who is the form of the gods of the seven avaranas of Sri Chakra
777 Vairarjothama samraajyaa She who rules the world
778 Kumara kusalodhayaa She who is the reason for greatness of her son Subrahmanya
779 Bagalaa She who is the world that cannot be measured
780 Bramarambaa She who is the form of a bee/She who has a curly hair on the forehead
781 Shiva Dhoothi She who sent Lord Shiva as her emissary
782 Shivathmikaa She who is the soul of Lord Shiva
783 Meru vindhyaadhi samsthaanaa She who stays in mountains like Meru and Vindhyaa
784 Kasmeera pura vasini She who lives in Kashmir
785 Yoga nidhraa She who is in yogic sleep
786 Maha nidhraa She who is in great sleep
787 Vinidhraa She who never sleeps
788 Rakshasarithaa She who made Rakshasas surrender
789 Suvarnadaa She who is golden
790 Maha Gangaa She who is the great Ganges
791 Panchaakhyaa She who is the five elements
792 Pancha samhathi She who is made of five elements
793 Suprajaathaa She who was born in a good family
794 Suveeraa She who has great valour
795 Suposhaa She who grants good health
796 Supathi She who has a good husband
797 Shivaa She who is the consort of Shiva
798 Sugrahee She who has a home without sorrow
799 Raktha bheejanthaa She who killed Raktha Bheejaa
800 Hatha kandharpa jeevika She who gave life to God of love who was killed
801 Samudhra vyoma madhyasthaa She who is in between sky and ocean
802 Sama Bindhu samasrayaa She who lives in the dot in the Srichakra
803 Soubhagya rasa jeevathu She who lives with different forms of wealth and luck
804 Saara saara viveka druk She who has wisdom to classify knowledge in to various aspects
805 Trivalyadhi supushtaangaa She who has a healthy body with three folds in her hip
806 Bharathi She who is Saraswathi
807 Bharathasrithaa She who is Sita worshipped by Bharatha
808 Nada Brahma mayi Vidhyaa The knowledge of the god of sound which pervades everywhere
809 Jnana brahma mayee paraa She who is the divine knowledge of Brahmam
810 Brhama nadi She who is the Sushumnaa
811 Nirukthischa She who cannot be explained
812 Brahma kaivalya sadhanam She who is the way to salvation
813 Kalikeya Mahodhaara veerya Vikrama roopini She who is responsible for the great strength of the snake called Kalikeya
814 Vadavagni shikhaa vakthraa She who has Vadavagni(fire underneath ocean) as her face
815 Maha kavala tharpanaa She who swallows all at deluge and gets satisfied
816 Maha bhoothaa She who has a big body
817 Maha darpaa She who is very proud
818 Maha saaraa She who is the ultimate meaning
819 Maha krathu She who is worshipped by big yaga
820 Pancha Bhootha maha grasa She who swallows five elements during deluge
821 Pancha bhoothadhi devathaa The God controlling the five elements
822 Sarva pramaanaa She who is the cause of everything
822 Sampathi She who is wealth
823 Sarva roga prathi kriyaa She who has cures for all diseases
824 Brhamandanthar barhi vyapthaa S he who is spread inside and outside the Brahmanda
825 Vishnu Vaksho vibhooshini She who decorates the chest of Lord Vishnu
826 Shaankari She who is the power of Shankara
827 Vidhi Vakthrasthaa She who is on the face of Brahma-Saraswathi
828 Pravaraa She who is the greatest
829 Vara hethuki She who is the cause of all boons
830 Hema mala She who wears a golden necklace
831 Shikhaa maala She who wears a garland of heads
832 Trishikhaa She who is the three Vedas
833 Pancha lochanaa She who has five eyes
834 Sarvagama sadachara maryaadhaa She who observes all the rituals mentioned in all scriptures
835 Yathu bhanjani She who destroys all asuras
836 Punya sloka prabhandhadyaa She who is in the form of auspicious verses
837 Sarvantharyami roopini She who is inside every being
838 Sama gana samaradhya She who is worshipped by singing Sama Veda
839 Srothru karna rasayana She who gives pleasure to all who hear about her
840 Jeeva lokaika jeevathu She who takes care of all lives of this world
841 Bhadre dhara vilokanaa She who has a glance that grants auspiciousness
842 Thadith koti lasad kanthi She who is as pretty as billions of lightning
843 Tharuni She who is a lass
844 Hari sundari She who steals the heart by her prettiness/She who is pretty to Lord Vishnu
845 Meena nethraa She who has fish like eyes
846 Indrakshi She who has 1000 eyes like Indra
847 Viosalakshi She who has wide eyes
848 Sumangalaa She who has all auspiciousness
849 Sarva mangala sampanna She who is full of all auspiciousness
850 Sakshath mangala devatha She who is the real god of auspiciousness
851 Deha hrud deepikaa She who is the light of body and the heart
852 Deepthi She who is glowing with light
853 Jihwa papa pranasini She who destroys sins done by the toungue
854 Ardha chandrollasad damshtra She who has glowing teeth like the half moon
855 Yajna vati vilasini She who makes the hall of fire sacrifice glow
856 Maha Durgaa She who is the great goddess who removes intense sorrows
857 Mahothsaha She who has great enthusiasm
858 Maha deva balodhaya She who is responsible for strength of Lord Shiva
859 Dakineedyaa She who is being worshipped by Dakini who is the goddess of Vishudhi Chakra
860 Shakineedyaa She who is being praised by Shakini who is the goddess of Mooladhara
861 Saakineedyaa She who is praised by Saakini
862 Samastha jushaa She who is being worshipped every where by every body
863 Nirangusaa She who does not have a goad
864 Nakivandhyaa She who is worshipped by all devas
865 Shadadharadhi devathaa She who is the goddess of the six chakras
866 Bhuvana jnanini sreni She who is the stair case of wise people of earth
867 Bhuvana kara vallari She who is the flag of earth
868 Shasvathi She who will always be there
869 Shasvathaakaaraa She who is working always
870 Lokanugraha karini She who blesses people
871 Saarasi She who lives in the sea
872 Maanasi She who lives in the mind
873 Hamsi She who lives in the form of a swan
874 Hamsa loka pradhayini She who blesses with Hamsa Loka
875 Chin mudhralankruthaakaraa She whose hand is decorated by divine seal
876 Koti Surya sama prabha She who shines like billion suns
877 Sukha prani siro rekhaa She who determines fate of living happily
878 Nadha dhrushta pradhayini She who gives the divine sight
879 Sarva sangarya doshagni She removes all defects
880 Grahopadhrava nasini She who removes problems created by planets
881 Kshudhra janthu bhayagni She who removes fear caused by evil animals
882 Visha rogadhi bhanjani She who removes diseases caused by poison
883 Sadhaa Saanthaa She who is always peaceful
884 Sadha Shuddhaa She who is always pure
885 Graha chidra nivarini She who removes the shortcomings caused by planets
886 Kali dosha prasamani She who solves problems during the Kali age
887 Kolahalapura sthithaa She who stays in Kolhapur
888 Gouri She who is white
889 Laakshaniki She who has special properties
890 Mukhyaa She who is the chief
891 Jagnya krutha varjithaa She who does not have body subject to birth and death
892 Mayyaa She who is the illusion
893 Vidhyaa She who is knowledge
894 Moola bhoothaa She who is the basis of all life
895 Vasavi She who is the power of Indra
896 Vishnu chethanaa She who is the power of Lord Vishnu
897 Vaadhini She who makes us talk/argues
898 Vasu Roopaa She who is wealth
899 Vasu rathna paricchadha She who has all the jewels of happiness
900 Cchandhasi She who knows meter of Vedas
901 Chandra hrudhayaa She who has a mind like the moon
902 Mantra swacchanda bhairavi She who is the meter of the mantras
903 Vana maala She who wears garlands made out of forest flowers
904 Vaijayanthi She who wears Vaijayanthi garland of Lord Vishnu
905 Pancha divyayudhathmikaa She who is armed with five divine weapons
906 Pethambara mayee She who is dressed in yellow silk
907 Chanchath Kausthubhaa She who wears the moving Kousthubha gem
908 Hari kamini She who is the sweet heart of Hari
909 Nithyaa She who is always there
910 Thadhyaa She who is real/truth
911 Remaa She who attracts
912 Ramaa She who is the consort of Rama
913 Ramani She who makes devotees enjoy
914 Mruthyubhanjini She who destroys death
915 Jyeshtaa She who is elder
916 Kaashtaa She who is superior
917 Dhanishtaanthaa She who is inside the cloud
918 Sarangee She who has a body like a bow/She who holds Saranga, the bow of Vishnu
919 Nirguna priyaa She who likes people who are beyond the three Gunas
919 Maithreyaa She who is friendly
920 Mitha Vindhaa She who is Mithra Vinda, wife of Krishna
921 Seshya sesha kalasaya She who can take independence with her devotees
922 Varanasi vasa labhyaa She who can be attained by people living in Kasi
923 Arya vartha jana sthuthaa She who is prayed by people of Aryavartha/people born in good families
924 Jagad uthpathi samsthaana samhara thrya karanam She who is the cause of creation, upkeep and destruction of the universe
Thwam amba Vishnu sarvaswam, namasthesthu maheswari,
Namasthe sarva lokaanaam janayai Punya murthaye

Oh mother you are every thing to Vishnu,
Salutations to you oh Greatest goddess,
Salutations to mother of all the worlds,
Who is auspiciousness personified.

925 Thwam She who is you
926 Amba She who is mother
927 Vishnu sarvaswam She who is everything to Vishnu
928 Maheswari She who is the greatest goddess
929 Sarvlokanaam janani She who is the mother of all worlds
930 Punya murthy She who is auspiciousness personified
Sidha Lakshmir Maha Kali, Mahalakshmi Namosthuthe,
Sadhyojathadhadhi panchagni roopa panchaka panchakam

Salutations to Lakshmi who gives powers, the great Kali, great Lakshmi,
She who is the five faces of Shiva and she who is five times five.

931 Sidha Lakshmi She who is Lakshmi giving occult powers
932 Mahakali She who is the great Kali
933 Maha Lakshmi She who is the great Lakshmi
934 Sadhyojathadhi Panchagni roopa She who is the five faces of shiva and she who did penance in the middle of five fires
935 Panchaka panchakam She who is five times five
Yanthralakshmir bhavathyadhir adhyadhye they namo nama,
Srushtyadhi karanakara vithathe dosha varjithe.

Salutations to the Lakshmi of Yanthras, who is primeval and the first among the firsts,
Who is the cause of acts like creation and who does not have any flaws..

936 Yanthra Lakshmi She who is Lakshmi of Yanthras
937 Bhavathyadhi She who is primeval
938 Aadhyadhye She who is first among the first
939 Srushtyadhi karanakara She who is the cause of acts like creation
940 Dosha Varjithaa She who does not have any flaws
Jagallakshmi jaganmathar Vishnu pathni Namosthuthe,
Nava koti maha Shakthi samupasya padambhuje

Salutations to Lakshmi who is the universe, mother of universe and wife of Vishnu,
And one whose lotus like feet are worshipped by., 90 million great Shakthis.

941 Jagallakshi She who is Lakshmi of the universe
942 Jagan mathaa She who is the mother of universe
943 Vishnu Pathni She who is the wife of Vishnu
944 Nava koti maha Shakthi samupasya padambhuje She whose lotus like feet are worshipped by 90 million great Shakthis
945 Kanath souarna rathnadyaa She who wears gem studded gold ornaments
946 Sarvabharana bhooshithe She who shines with all sort of ornaments
947 Anantha nithya mahishi She who is the endless and ever lasting queen
948 Prapancheswara nayaki She who is the leader for all gods of the world
949 Athyuchritha padantha sthaa She who lives in a very tell house/She who is in Vaikunta
950 Parama vyoma nayaki She who is the leader of all divine beings of the sky
951 Naka prushta gathaaraadhyaa She who is worshipped by all who have reached heaven
952 Vishnu loka vbilasini She who makes the world of Vishnu shine
953 Vaikunta Raja mahishi She who is the queen of the king of Vaikunta
954 Sri Ranga nagarasritha She who lives in the town of Sri Ranga
955 Ranga Nayaki She who is the chief of the stage of life
956 Bhooputhri She who is the daughter of earth(Sita)
957 Krushne She who is the wife of Krishna
958 Varada vallabhe She who is the consort of Lord Varada Raja
959 Koti Brhamadhi samsevye She who is served by billions of Brahmas
960 Koti Rudhradhi keerthithe She who is sung about by billions of Rudras
961 Mathullangitha Khetam bhibrathi She who holds the shield made by pomegranate
962 Souvarna chashakam Bhibrathi She who holds the golden goblet in her hands
963 Padma dwayam, Poornakumbham, Keram, Varadhabhaye She who holds two lotus flowers, a full pot, parrot and protects and blesses
964 Pasamanguasakam shankam chakram Shoolam Krupanikaam She who holds rope, goad, wheel, trident and sword
965 Dhanurbanam Cha akshamalam Chinmudhram Bhibrathi She who holds bow, arrow, rosary,and divine symbol
966 Ashtadasa bhuje She who has eighteen hands
967 Lakshmi She who is Lakshmi
968 Maha asthaa dasa peetage She who has 18 great temples
969 Bhoomi neeladhi samsevye She who is served by earth and Neela Devi
970 Swami chithanuvarthini She who acts according to the wishes of her husband
971 Paamaa She who is lotus like
972 Padmalayaa She who lives in a lotus
973 Padmini She who is as pretty as the lotus plant
974 Poorna kumbhabhishechithe She who is anointed by a pot full of water
975 Indiraa She who is of the form Of Indra
976 Indirindhirabhakshi She who has shine like moon
977 Ksheera sagara Kanyakaa She who is the lass of ocean of milk
978 Bhargavi She who is the daughter of sage Bhrugu
979 Swthanthresaa She who does acts independently from her lord
980 Vasee Krutha jagat pathi She who attracted the Lord of the universe
981 Mangalam mangalaanaam She who is the auspicious among the auspicious ones
982 Devathaanaam cha devathaa She who is god of all gods
983 Uthamothamaanam She who is best among the best
984 Sreya She who has great fame
985 Parmamruthaa She who is the divine nectar
986 Dhandhanya abhivrudhischa sarva bhuma sukhechaya She who blesses with increased wealth and a happy life of an emperor
987 Aadholikhadi Soubhagyam Mathebhadi mahodhaya She who grants the luck to travel in a palanquin and posses exuberant elephants
988 Puthra puthrabhivridhischa Vidhya Bhoga phaladhikam She who grants increase in sons, grand sons, knowledge and pleasure
989 Ayur arogya sampathir ashataiswarya She who grants long life, health, wealth and eight types of wealth
990 Parameshwara Vibhoothi She who is the power of Parameshwara
991 Sookshmath sookshma tharaa She who is smaller than the smallest
992 Gathi She who is the way
993 Adapanga sandatha brahmendradhi pada sthithi She who by her mercy drenched looks give stable positions to Brahma, Indra and others
994 Avyahatha Mahabhagyaa She who is luck without any breaks or stops
995 Akshobhya vikramaa She who has a valour that never diminishes
996 Vedanam samanvaya She who is the meaning of Vedas
997 Vedanaam avirodha She who is not the enemy of Vedas
998 isreyasa pada prapthi sadhanam meva phalam The way and end to the salvation
999 Sri Manthra raja Rajni The queen of Sri Vidhyaa
1000 Srividhyaa She who is Sri Vidhyaa
1001 Kshema karini She who blesses with comfort
1002 Sreem Bheeja japa santhushtaa She who becomes happy by the chanting of the root “Sreem”
1003 Iym, hreem Sreem Bheeja palika She who is worshipped by chanting Iym, hreem, sreem
1004 Prapathi marga sulabha She following him is easy
1005 Kleem karatha savithri She who made the sound kleem
1006 Soumangalyadhi devatha She who is the goddess of good luck
1007 Sri Shodasakshari vidhyaa She who is the knowledge of 16 letter
1008 Sri Yanthra pura vasini She who lives in Sree Chakra
Sarva mangala Mangalye, Shive Sarvartha sadhake,
Saranye trayambike Gowri Narayani namosthuthe

Oh Goddess who is giver of auspicious things,
Oh Consort of Shiva, Oh fulfiller of all wishes,
Who is to be fit to be surrendered to,
Who is the mother with three eyes,
Oh Goddess who is white, Oh Narayani, we salute you.

Puna punar namosthesthu sashangam mayutham puna

We salute you again and again,
And offer pranams touching the floor,
Ten thousand times.

Sanathkumara Uvacha[edit]

Evam sthuthaa Mahalakshmir, Brahma Rudhradhibhir surai,
Namadhbirrathrair dheenaicha nisSwathvair Bhoga varjithai,

Jyeshtaa Jyeshtaischa ni srekai samsara swa parayanai,
Vishnu pathni dadhou theshaam darasanam drushti darpanam

Sarath poornendu kotyabha davala panga veekshanai,
Sarvaan Sathwa samavishtaan Chakre hrushta varam dhadhou.

Mahalakshmi who is the consort of Lord Vishnu,
Glowing coolly like billions of full moons of autumn,
 Thus praised by Brahma, Rudhra and other devas,
Gave new enthusiasm to the devas by her very cool glance,
And with heart full of joy gave several boons,
To them as well as to those who salute her,
To those in pain, those depressed and those who have lost everything.

Maha Lakshmir Uvacha[edit]

Naamnaam sashta sahasram may pramadhadwapi ya sakruth,
Keerthaye that kule sathyam vasamya chandra tharakam.

Even in the clans of those people who sing these.,., 1008 names,
With out interest or with devotion, I promise,
That I would be there as long as Sun and moon are there.

Kim punar niyamaa japthumadaika charanasya cha,
Mathruvath sanukapaham poshakee syam aharnisam

Is it necessary for me tell that in case of those,
Who read this with devotion and having surrendered to me,
I as a mother with pity on them, I would look after them day and night.

Mannama sthavathaam loke durlabham nasthi chinthitham,
Math prasadena sarvepi swadweshtaa arthamavapnuyath.

To those who chant my names, there is nothing difficult in this world,
For due to my grace they would get all that they desire easily.

Luptha Vaishnava dharmasya mad vruthe theshwawa keerthina,
Bhakthi prapathi heenasya vandhyo naamanaam sthavopi may.

Even those who do not follow the Dharma of the followers of Vishnu,
And those who did not follow my penance and do not have devotion to me,
Can chant my names with the thought that I should be saluted.

Thasmad avasyamthair doshai viheena papa varjitha,
Japeth sashta sahasram may naamnaam prathyaham aadharaath.

They should get rid of these blemishes and definitely,
Chant the.,., 1008 names along with great devotion and respect.

Sakshadalakshmi puthropi durbhaghyo apya alaso api vaa,
Aprayathnaapi Moodapi vikala pathithopi cha
Avasyam prapnuyath bhagyam math prasadena kevalam,
Spruheya machiraa ddhevaa varadhanaya japinaa.

Even those children of the poor, man besieged by bad luck,
Man without initiative, Man who does not do work,
Man who is handicapped and also the own who is down trodden,
Will all definitely become lucky due to my grace,
For I am waiting to shower blessings on such a one.

Dadhami Sarvam isharthaa Lakshmithi smarathaam dhruvam

I would fulfill all the wishes of him who even thinks of Lakshmi.

Sanathkumara Uvacha[edit]

Ithyukthwaa andhardhadhe Lakshmi Vaishnavi Bhagawat kala

Saying this Lalshmi who is a part of Lord Vishnu disappeared.

Ishtaapoortha c cha sukrutham bhagadeyam cha chinthitham,
Swam swam sthaanam cha bhogam cha vijayam lebhire suraa.

The devas got their share of the offerings made in Yagas,
As well as blessings and the things that they wished,
As per their relative position and enjoyment and attained victory.

Thadedath pravadhamyadhya Lakshmi nama sahasrakam,
Yoginaa padath Kshipram chinthitratha navapyasatha.

Oh sages I told you just now these one thousand and eight names,
Of Lakshmi which has such great properties,
Please read them now itself for getting all that you want.

Gargya Uvacha[edit]

Sanath kumaro Yogeendra ithyukthwaa cha daya nighi,
Anugrahya yayou kshipram thaaamsha dwadasa yogina

Telling this the treasure house of mercy, sage Sanathkumara,
Blessed them and left those twelve sages immediately.

Thasmas yedath rahasyam chas gopyam japyam prayathnatha,
Ashtamyam cha Chathurdasyam navamyam, brugu vasare.
Pournamas yam mamaayaam cha parva kale viseshatha,
Japeth vaa nithya karyeshuy sarvaan kaman vapnuyath

People should tryto keep this as secret and read it secretly,
And if this is read on eighth or fourteenth or ninth crescent of the moon,
Or on Friday, new moon day or full moon day or on festival days,
Or chant it daily, they would get all their desires fulfilled.

Ithi Skanda purane Sanath kumara samithaayaam Lakshmi sahasra nama sthothram sampoornam.

Thus ends the thousand names of Goddess Lakshmi occurring in the chapter on Sanath Kumara in the Skanda Purana.

References & Citations[edit]

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